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Doing business with Northern Ireland can help your company grow. Northern Ireland is a great place to grow a business internationally thanks to its highly skilled talent, excellent infrastructure, competitive costs, and supportive, business-friendly environment. It is also home to world-class suppliers with global exporting experience that can fill gaps in your supply chain.

The Chinese Welfare Association and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Belfast have an array of skills, knowledge and experience having done business here and in China for over half a century. With contacts and connections, talents and  trading partners let us help you do business in China or in Northern Ireland.

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Our aim is to explore and embed business, trade and investment opportunities between China and Northern Ireland

As an organisation we are proud of the two countries and economies which have shaped us. We are a success story as a community as we moved to Northern Ireland and built businesses which are now part of the fabric of the local economy and the local community. We believe that our work ethic and the way we do business is a good model for anyone.

With China offering a massive marketplace the language, cultural and business skills of our community can be harnessed to ensure that local businesses can break into the Chinese market and succeed. In turn we hope to be part of the local effort to attract long term Chinese investment in our own economy.

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“Success depends upon previous preparation, and without such preparation there is sure to be failure.”

Confucius places a lot of importance in preparing for the worst-case scenario, regardless of how much success your business is currently enjoying. This is because he believes that when you find success, you have much more to lose and as such must ensure that your business should take any potential crisis into account. Keep in mind that when it comes to running a business, encountering a crisis is an eventuality. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

Our knowledge of not just doing business in both countries but also their people their traditions and wider culture will be crucial for business seeking to set up or trade in a different country. From using the right language to present your case to knowing what areas are best suited to the industry. Sitting down and planning will ensure future and further success.

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We are looking forward to doing business again.  The Pandemic has hit us all hard and as local businesses count the cost, there has never been more need to look at new markets and opportunities.  Northern Ireland is a great place to do business from our skilled workforce and high flying universities to the culture and heritage of industry this is our time to excel.

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Doing business with China will open up the worlds largest market.

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Invest in Belfast with its skilled workforce and world class education.

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Northern Ireland is a great place to do business as part of the United Kingdom

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