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The Northern Ireland Chinese Community have invested heavily in education for themselves and others. They see it as the secret to success and take great pride in seeing younger generations enter the professions and lead the field in science and technology.

The key to this success and one reason the Chinese Community give for making Northern Ireland their home is the world class education system that exists here. The standards of primary, secondary and third level education both academic and vocational places our students ahead of their peers internationally.

These world class standards are recognised by employers and now we see the influx of international students coming to local universities. Indeed the Chinese student population has given new life to the local community here.

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Our aim is to support students in China and Northern Ireland as an investment in the future

As an organisation we believe that education is the key to the future and as a community we work hard to help young people at every stage in their education. From this work we have learnt just how good Northern Ireland’s schools, colleges and universities really are. We have benefited from a world class education system on our doorstep and we now want to open it to the world.

Our schools and universities are amongst the top performing institutions in the United Kingdom and indeed the world and with opportunities for boarding at some of our top grammar schools or staying and studying at our colleges and universities we would like to help you choose a great educational future.

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Our purpose is to help overseas students make the most from their time here

Our work is based on our own journey of discovery, as we learn to live and love Northern Ireland. That means we are well placed to help others who come here either to study or to make it their forever home. That transition can often be challenging with language, culture and the everyday issues we all face in a foreign country.

Our Chinese Resource Centre has long been a haven and a home from home for those who have arrived in Northern Ireland. You can be assured of a warm welcome in the heart of Belfast and a place to relax and enjoy the company of others who were exactly where you were. Most of our members can recall their first day in a new country, and over half a century of shared experience and knowledge is just what is needed to feel at home.

Northern Ireland has one of the best education systems in the world for a fraction of the cost. From traditional British style boarding schools to world class universities and research facilities our courses offer opportunities for local and international students.


Information on Studying in China for English speaking students.

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Our two main universities have campuses in Belfast so find out more.

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Northern Ireland has one of the best education systems in the world.

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