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Looking after people is in our DNA as an organisation. We also know what it means to travel to a new country and find it confusing and difficult to understand all that’s going on. We are also best placed as an organisation based in Northern Ireland’s Chinese Community to help. We call Northern Ireland home and after over half a century of living, learning and working here we’d like to share that knowledge and experience with you.

Let us help you Explore this country and discover all it has to offer. Then we hope to open the door for local people and show them all that China has to offer. As a community we see ourselves as a bridge between both counties offering help to visitors and information for those interested in learning more.

Bridging the Divide

Helping You Reach Your Destination

Our aim is to educate, engage and excite people encouraging them to visit China and Northern Ireland

As an organisation we are proud of the two countries and cultures which have shaped us. We are passionate about each place and want to help others discover and explore them too. Acting as a bridge between the two countries we aim to help people travel safely and enjoyably.

While international Travel is restricted at present there is a real opportunity to enjoy holidays and adventures closer to home. We are also using this time to prepare new tourism initiatives and ensure that when restrictions are lifted we are best placed to lead the recovery.

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New Reasons to Explore

Helping You get to Know Northern Ireland

Our purpose is to encourage you to explore and that is because of our pride in the place we call home.

Our work is based on our own journey of discovery, as we have taken time to discover and celebrate our own heritage and culture. As a community after fifty years of hard work and success we have taken the time to reflect on just what it means to be Chinese in Northern Ireland. We have been here for half of the time the country has existed and we have given much to it, and are proud of the place and our place in it.

That gives us a unique insight, and a different perspective. Most people were born here and decided to stay – we came here and decided to make it our home. The reasons we have and the experiences of living here are we believe really useful for those who are choosing Northern Ireland as a holiday destination, a place to study or to do business.

Discover Northern Ireland

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to Northern Ireland.  Start planning for your next visit today.  From world class hotels to air BnBs, amazing visitor attractions to luxurious relaxation our award winning food and entertainment, means you can have all the crack at a fraction of the cost.

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A complete tourist map of Northern Ireland in Chinese – thank you to Tourism Northern Ireland!

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