Building Bridges Between China and Northern Ireland


Building Bridges to China

Supporting and strengthening links between Northern Ireland and the Peoples Republic of China


One of our strategic objectives is to strengthen links between our two counties through tourism, trade and teaching. Our position gives us a unique advantage as we can speak with authority on both counties and encourage visitors to explore and enjoy what they have to offer. Then we can support students who take the big step and move overseas to study. Finally we in partnership with Belfast’s Chinese Chamber of Commerce are dedicated to supporting the economic and commercial links between our nations.

From practical support with travel and visas, through to language and cultural awareness our Centre and organisation acts as a gateway or bridge between both. As we see both counties bounce back after the pandemic it is more important than ever to support growth and development. We believe these links are the source of future growth and as a local Chinese community we wish to play our part.

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Helping You EXPLORE

Our aim is to educate, engage and excite people encouraging them to visit China and Northern Ireland

As an organisation we are proud of the two countries and cultures which have shaped us. We are passionate about each place and want to help others discover and explore them too. Acting as a bridge between the two countries we aim to help people travel safely and enjoyably.

While international Travel is restricted at present there is a real opportunity to enjoy holidays and adventures closer to home. We are also using this time to prepare new tourism initiatives and ensure that when restrictions are lifted we are best placed to lead the recovery.

Supporting Students

Living and Learn Together

Young people are the future and we aim to support them through their studies especially overseas.

Living and learning in Northern Ireland gives you the opportunity to study at one of the world’s finest institutions against the backdrop of some of the UK’s most spectacular places.

You can take advantage of high-quality teaching methods, research facilities and pioneering specialists in a diverse range of areas.

Being the smallest country in the UK, Northern Ireland is easy to travel around. It’s packed with history, culture and myth, and there’s an incredible variety of landscape and scenery.

Northern Ireland’s two universities are a firmly-established part of the history and tradition of UK higher education which is reflected in the quality assurance, research culture and approach to teaching and learning.

Lets Do Business

INVEST in The Future

Our aim is to get people in China and Northern Ireland doing Business.

As a community we have much to pass on in knowledge and experience as we have built businesses in both counties and have some insight into what makes them successful. We can bridge the language and cultural divide and help us all to trade better.

The contacts and cultural awareness we have developed will be an important assets especially for Northern Ireland businesses as they attempt to do business in China. We are also aware of the huge tourism potential which when international travel resumes will once more be a real windfall for the local hospitality sector.

Getting businesses ready to trade in China or to benefit from Chinese tourism or investment is a key aspect of our plans for the future. Here the skills of the Belfast Chinese Chamber of Commerce will really assist in what we can offer.

Research and Collaboration

Knowledge to Give You The Advantage

We aim to bridge the language and digital divide to provide information in both English and Chinese which will make the case for Exploring, Studying or Investing in Belfast, Northern Ireland or China. We are based in Belfast and are the voice and ears of the Chinese Community in Northern Ireland. We work with government and local agencies to promote the welfare our community and promote the greta connections between our country and China.

Northern Ireland is officially represented in China by the NI Bureau. The Northern Ireland Bureau in China was established in September 2014 and is a diplomatic office within the British Embassy and also has a Foreign Representative Office in Beijing. It represents the Executive government, the Departments, their agencies and our communities, by promoting our capabilities, talent and experience and identifying opportunities to develop mutually beneficial relationships with the government, regions and organisations in China.

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We are looking forward to welcoming you back to Northern Ireland.  Start planning for your next visit today.  From world class hotels to air BnBs, amazing visitor attractions to luxurious relaxation our award winning food and entertainment, means you can have all the crack at a fraction of the cost.


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