The Chinese community were kindly hosted by the Ulster Scots Community Network in the impressive Discover Ulster Scots Centre. The event brought both communities together to learn about each other and explore each other’s culture and traditions. The event included a tour of the Centre, a talk on the origins and heritage of the Ulster Scots community in Northern Ireland.



After a tour of the Centre and their permanent exhibitions a short presentation on the origins of the Ulster Scots community and their contribution internationally was enjoyed by all. It was interesting to see the parallels between the two communities who had made their home here as it was explained that the Ulster Scots were often seen as as an immigrant community here. 

The pipes and drums marked the end of the presentation as different musical instruments, traditions and dress were showcased by the staff. Our thanks to Matthew Warwick of the Ulster Scots Community Network who was not only knowledgable about the history but a great educator as well as talented musician. 

One of the highlights of the trip was listening to our own Rebecca Ng translate the English presentations and exhibitions which were often laced with Ulster Scots words and phrases. She certainly worked hard that day but enjoyed herself. 

In welcoming us to the centre David Gilland explained the work they are involved in and his welcome was responded to by William Olphert who shared his own language journey. Growing up as a native Ulster Scots speaker from the North Antrim coast, he developed a passion for language which led to studying Chinese and eventually brought him to work for CWA.

In the spirit of our cultural fusion theme the Centre welcomed the Success Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe led by Master Alan Liu. His expert drumming set the tone and pace for a traditional dance display.