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Native to the mountainous region of Yunnan in Southwestern China, the Camellia sinensis tea bush has more than a thousand sub-varieties, each producing a distinct flavour. Tea – first enjoyed as early as 2,000 BC – is lauded for its health benefits and calming properties, and is now cultivated in all corners of the world.

Join us as we discover the history and traditions of tea drinking in some of the countries where it is most popular.
We will learn about how we once fought over the drink which now unites us, and find out just what the history and heritage of the humble cup of tea really is.

Jean JING (经维夏)

With science background, she has rekindled her great passion for traditional painting since childhood. She is a member of several art Clubs and Societies in the UK and China, including Ulster Society of Women Artists and Ulster Watercolour Society. Her paintings, covering a wide range of themes, have been exhibited both in Shanghai and Belfast.

Lili LI (李莉莉)

Lili was born and educated in an academic environment and was introduced to Chinese ink painting and calligraphy at her early age. She worked mostly in the financial and business sectors, and has been involved heavily in voluntary work, but arts always have been her passion. She is inspired by both Chinese and Western schools of artists and uses both traditional and modern methods of painting, including ink, washes and brush, to capture movement and life.

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