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Learning About the World Around Us

Confucius is here to Help Our Confusion

Often when we are learning about new things it is easy to get confused. This is especially the case when we learn about new countries and cultures. One reason is that they often speak a different language and their view of the world is different to ours. So its is OK to be a little confused at first and to help us with this we have will have a very wise old man to help us. Confusingly though his name is Confucius, but then we have to remember he speaks Chinese so his name sounds nothing like their word for confusion!

In fact he spent his life as a teacher making things simple and easy to understand. Confucius is a very famous man in Chinese history. He lived in China a long time ago and became very well known as a great philosopher or thinker. He is remembered for his wise words and sayings and we still can learn a lot from him. He taught people how they should behave towards each other and people . These beliefs are called Confucianism.

Our cartoon Confucius is not quite as serious as the real one, but he has lots of tips and information which will help you. He is famous for his wise sayings and we will be looking at a few of them as we learn.





Learning About the World Around Us

Who Was Confucius ?

Confucius (551–479 BCE) was a great thinker whose ideas had a huge and lasting influence on Chinese society. He believed in kindness, respect for others, and the importance of the family. Confucius encouraged people to lead an ordered, family-focussed way of life, and encouraged respect for elders.

 His original name was Kong Qiu or Zhong Ni. As a child, he was eager to learn about everything, and was very interested in traditions and rituals passed down from previous generations.

 Once he grew up, he worked for the government helping people with farms and cattle. Then he became a teacher, because he believed it was important everyone got a good education.

Confucius lived in a time when many states were at war in China This period was called the Spring and Autumn period of the Zhou Dynasty, and he wanted peace and a society where people lived ordered lives together.




Say Hello To Wēi lì

Hi There My Name is Wēi lì  it  means ‘stand tall'.

My name is written 巍立 in Chinese and in English it is William. I first discovered I was interested in Chinese when I was at school. It was a maths lesson and the teacher  explained that other countries used different numbers. In the Middle East they use an Arabic numeric system and in China they have a total different system of writing numbers. It really interested me and it started my journey of discovery about all things Chinese.

I will show you what I have learnt and the things that interest me, and together we can discover as much as we can about Chinese culture and heritage- the important things that are protected and promoted to younger generations.

In your class, or church or local area there may be children from different countries, cultures or religions and as you play you can always learn more about them. You will discover that while there are things which are different about their favourite foods or the languages they speak at home but there is so much you will see is the same.




Say Hello To Han

Hi There My Name is Han

I got really interested in Chinese Culture when I began to learn Kung Fu in the Chinese Resource Centre Belfast. Kung Fu, means “Learned Skill” in English. This is a name that is collectively used to describe a Martial Art that originates from China. There are many styles of Kung Fu that have developed over the years, each with its own particular way of doing things.

It is a great way to learn and has helped me make friends, grow in confidence and keep fit. It has also allowed me to learn more about Chinese traditions and festivals. I will we helping you learn more about Chinese culture and heritage.



Getting Into Chinese

Listen to David's Story about how his lifelong love of Chinese Began

David is a Kung Fu expert and travelled to China to learn more about it. The martial arts which began in China inspired him to travel all the way to China to study martial arts for a year. He learnt how to focus and how to work for things he wanted. He learnt it was about how to express himself and treat others.

Today he has brought all he learnt back to Northern Ireland and teaches others. For young people it is often the first thing they think of when they think of Chinese culture.

Getting Into Chinese at School

Chinese Counts

William first discovered Chinese at school, just as you are doing. He was introduced to Chinese numbers and the characters grabbed his imagination. Later in school he decided he would like to study more and eventually went to university and decided that he wanted to visit China for himself. His adventures were about to begin as he travelled and worked in China learning all about its language, culture and customs.

Today he works for the Chinese Welfare Association in Northern Ireland and used all he learnt to help the Chinese community here. As he looks back in this video to how it all began he invites you to join him on the same journey of discovery and to learn to love Chinese just as he does.

Getting Started

Just like William you can discover Chinese at school and whether it is learning to write Chinese characters or discovering the secrets of your favourite Chinese meal there is a world of exciting discoveries for you. So join Confucius, as he shows you how to write Chinese numbers and how Chinese Counts.

Download The Chinese Counts Workbook

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Lets Begin

To start your journey of discovery you will need a Learning Journal. You will find all the activities and challenges in it and you can fill it in and record anything you learn. Your teacher will help you, but feel free to explore our Virtual Centre and find the different videos related to each lesson and different clues and answers in the different rooms. If you get lost just use the Room Buttons on the Left Hand Side of the Screen

All you need will be in the different video screens or galleries of pictures. Many of them will come alive with a hot spot which you can click to find out more.


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