Welcome to the HELPinHand project section.

This is a project funded by the ARCS (Asset Recovery Community Scheme)  Assets Recovery Community Scheme 2021/22 — Supporting Communities.


The project was created because we sensed there was a lot of frustration and disappointment that victims ‘ expectations of the handling of hate crime are often not met.
There is a lot of support available out there, but this is often not accessed efficiently and brought together into one entry point for victims.
PSNI do have a robust hate crime management system behind the scenes, but the public are not readily aware of or assured by this.
Expectations of how the criminal justice system works amongst communities are often not realistic. i.e., evidence threshold, time frames, etc..


We are developing an app whose content will be translated from English into Arabic, Polish, Chinese and Romanian. We will use cutting edge technology to communicate to our users the key points relating to the subject of hate crime. The format will be accessible in an easy to read format. We want people to be able to switch on their mobile phones and find out about these issues in the privacy of their own homes..

We also hope to include a recording feature where those who are affected by racist incidences will be able to record details for future reference, and also be able to report directly through to the PSNI website..


We hope to launch a beta version of the app in the late spring/early summer after which we will get feedback for the official launch of the app in Good Relations week Sept 2023.

Would you like to try out our app when the BETA version is released in late Spring?  If so simply email office@cwa-ni.org with your details.

“We want to provide critical information, signposting for support, all in a person-centred compassionate format for the victims of racist hate crime/incidents. We want the app to serve as a quick info guide for victims (and) as an educational resource for ME communities at large”.

William Olphert: Managing Director of Chinese Welfare Association

Can you spare 7 minutes of your time to complete our survey?

We are developing an app that can make reporting racial hate crimes more accessible and provide information on the services available. We would love to hear your views to make our work better.

This survey is CONFIDENTIAL.