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 Our Aims

Our Mission Statement

To secure the future of the Chinese
 community in Northern Ireland within a framework of racial equality and enable all sections of the community to fully participate in both the development of the community and the wider society.

在提供种族平等的前提下 确保北爱华人社区的前途促使社区中各组成部份能全面参兴社区的发展并融入主流社区

Our Core Aims

  • Enabling and supporting community development and developing the community infrastructure within the Chinese community
  • Providing or securing services which meet the health and social needs arising out of the disadvantaged position of the Chinese community
  • Enabling children and young people to realise their full potential as active citizens within both the Chinese and wider community
  • Developing greater cultural awareness within both the Chinese and wider community and working towards elimination of racism and discrimination

  • Securing the resources and facilities needed to achieve the core aims of the organisation

Initially the organisation had very limited resources and its provision was Belfast based. In the I990's the organisation has developed into other parts of Northern Ireland including Craigavon, Derry, Ballymena and Bangor. Overall provision has been developed into the following three main operational service areas which are supported by central management and administration:

  • Community Development
  • Children and Youth
  • Direct Services including Welfare Rights, Race Relations and Training and Interpretation

At the time of the 1996 Development Plan the organisation employed 15 staff and was still highly dependent on the ACE scheme. By the time of the review, the organisation was directly employing 17 staff, funded by a broad-based funding package.

CWA building.jpgCWA has a wide range of service users including:

  • Individuals from the Chinese community
  • Self help and single issue groups from the Chinese community
  • The Chinese Community Forum
  • The Chinese community in Northern Ireland
  • Voluntary and statutory organisations
  • The wider community in Northern Ireland.