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 Oi Kwan Womens Group

The Oi Kwan Women’s group was set up in 1995 by the Barnardos Chinese Health Project, in partnership with the Chinese Welfare Association. It is a locally based support group for Chinese women in Belfast and currently has over 70 members. 
The group meets at least once a week in Kinghan Hall in the Morton Community Centre. Oi Kwan has a committee of eight members who meet once a week. The organization provides a support base for Chinese women and enables them to socialise with other women from the Chinese community. 


 The main aims of the organisation are,

  • To provide Chinese women with the opportunity to socialize and meet with other women,
  • To help them to help themselves,
  • To enable them to develop skills and participate in training course,
  • To help eliminate the sense of exclusion often experienced by Chinese women.

Oi Kwan has participated in various training courses in the past. They have also been fundamental in organizing various Chinese cultural festivals. The group has so far witnessed great success in assisting Chinese women in developing new skills. It has helped encourage and support women in getting English language classes and various other educational training.